Communication is the centrepiece of transformation. It bridges confusion to clarity, and connection to action

Successful transformation is supported and propelled by effective communication in the form of strategies, tactics and execution. It has the power to inform, inspire and spark action– all of which are necessary to change the status quo.

To truly maximise its potential, it should be included as part of your transformation blueprint, and not to be revisited as an after-thought.

We specialise in end-to-end communication strategies and frameworks right for public sector (government institutions and impact agencies) and private sector (businesses) turnaround.

Brand & Marketing Strategy & Development

Market Insights, Analysis & Reporting

Digital Communication Strategy & Execution

Media & Public Relations Consultation

Advocacy & Impact Communication

Our Approach

Understanding your True North
Effective communication requires a deep understanding of the direction, technical aspects and bigger goals of a project. Otherwise, the communication ends up risks being superficial and ineffective. The Communications team at PEMANDU Associates are trained to delve into the True North of every project so the communication strategies remain sharp and meaningful not just to the audience, but one that does the objective justice.

Audience and Market Analysis
Before embarking on a course of action, it is imperative to have a deep understanding of the climates and ecosystems that govern our factors of success. Insights and sentiments from relevant stakeholders, topics of interest and targeted audiences will allow us to shape an impactful communications strategy that escapes the trap of baseless assumptions or industry jargon.

Hyper-Collaborative Problem Solving
We never work in isolation. Our best work comes from working closely with our consultants, clients, and even industry specialists to ensure we deliver communication solutions that are realistic and pragmatic.

Out-of-the-box Solutions / Bold and Creative Solutions
Why settle for good when great is right within reach? Our expertise allows us to scale new heights with your organisation, as we explore strategies that will transform good communication into powerful communication.

The Communication Specialists

Hilyah Raffick
Vice President & Head of Communications

Syafa Mustaffa

Communications & Management Consultant


Syafa Mustaffa

Communications & Management Consultant

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