Turning National Visions and Plans into Big Fast Results

Governments around the world have an excellent track record of developing impressive strategies to catalyse transformation and growth. However, unless these plans are grounded on actionable plans, they remain just strategies.

PEMANDU Associates has helped Governments around the world deliver on their national objectives through a highly collaborative methodology and approach which starts from strategic alignment at the very top to rigorous implementation by the key implementors.

Growing from our origins as an actual Delivery Unit under the Government of Malaysia, we are uniquely positioned to support Governments given our direct familiarity with the fine balance of competing priorities faced. We also deploy highly collaborative tools that bring the best out of both the public and private sectors, translating often contrasting interests into actual commitments to deliver.

Our offerings

  • We have worked with various Governments around the world in the development of national or state-level transformation programmes.
  • Programmes developed thus far encompass various socio-economic priorities such as people touchpoints, economic diversification and many more.
  • We have actively supported the setup and operationalisation of Delivery Units globally.
  • We also offer direct support to diagnose and actively support the implementation and delivery of the initiatives under national-level programmes in very diverse Government setups globally.
  • We have also comprehensive experience in supporting the development of sectoral strategies, policies and industry studies.
  • We focus our recommendations to ensure they remain highly pragmatic and implementable.

Case Studies

We have a selection of case studies which illustrate just a sample of our experience in various Governments:

Our award-winning recovery index to guides best practice identification for Governments

  • We are the proud creators of the World Health Organisation-endorsed and award-winning Global COVID-19 Index (GCI), a comprehensive and daily-updated index which tracks the progress of recovery of 184 countries around the world in their respective battles against COVID-19.
  • The GCI is the recipient of the coveted Chairman’s Award at the 2020 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards.
  • The GCI is a showcase of PEMANDU Associates’ ability to identify key performance metrics that matter to policymakers and business leaders.
  • The GCI includes travel advisory updates courtesy of IATA and forecasting tools to help business leaders monitor the progress of various countries in their recovery from COVID-19.
  • The GCI has also led to the rapid development of a freely available 112-page Global Pathfinder Report on Health Intervention Best Practices. The report has been featured on major media outlets such as Bloomberg.