Driving Businesses to Achieve Transformation and Big Fast Results

Businesses are all about results.

Successful businesses are all about achieving big results fast consistently.

PEMANDU Associates has supported many organisations in catalysing their transformational journeys to achieve success. Some of these organisations set lofty revenue and profit targets but find great difficulty in realising these ambitions. Some have leaders and founders with the right intent and vision but are unable to galvanise the organisation to execute.

At PEMANDU Associates, we understand that every business is different. Through our unique approach, we can rapidly diagnose and identify the key levers of any business. We have successfully undertaken business transformation work for clients across various industries ranging from manufacturing, hospitality, plantations, aviation, to even retail and education. Many of our engagements have led to either turnaround or growth stories thereafter.

We also understand crisis management deeply. At PEMANDU Associates, we had to ‘walk the talk’ and transform to survive the COVID-19 crisis, and we continue to evolve to remain agile in this evolving business climate. We believe we can help organisations achieve a similar, if not better trajectory than our own.

Our offerings

  • We deploy a unique approach and methodology which is aimed at rapidly identifying key levers that will be able to assist businesses achieve either turnaround or expansionary growth.
  • We undertake a highly collaborative approach backed by detailed data analytics to show business leaders and decision-makers the impact of interventions proposed for implementation.
  • We have even developed an easy-to-use Crisis Recovery Tool for businesses that may want to undertake transformation on their own.
  • We also support organisations with the development of detailed business strategies and implementation plans to help realise their strategic intent and objectives.
  • We facilitate proactive problem-solving and solution development across the business organisation and align departments towards achieving shared organisational targets.
  • We provide consulting support to business leaders to quickly diagnose and monitor the performance of the various departments.
  • We also help business leaders galvanise their staff to be an active part of their organisation’s transformation journey.
  • We have the expertise to systematically identify processes which can be streamlined to unlock business efficiencies and speedier decision-making.
  • We have undertaken successful engagements for businesses ranging from focussed single-industry companies to large multi-entity conglomerates.
  • This is done through our ESSA Approach (Eliminate, Standardise, Simplify and Automate) developed by PEMANDU Associates.

A preview of our upcoming Product and Services

Our award-winning recovery index on COVID-19

  • We are the proud creators of the World Health Organisation-endorsed and award-winning Global COVID-19 Index (GCI), a comprehensive and daily-updated index which tracks the progress of recovery of 184 countries around the world in their respective battles against COVID-19.
  • The GCI is the recipient of the coveted Chairman’s Award at the 2020 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards.
  • The GCI is a showcase of PEMANDU Associates’ ability to identify key performance metrics that matter to policy makers and business leaders.
  • The GCI includes travel advisory updates courtesy of IATA and forecasting tools to help business leaders monitor the progress of various countries in their recovery from COVID-19.
  • The GCI has also led to the rapid development of a freely available 112-page Global Pathfinder Report on Health Intervention Best Practices. The report has been featured on major media outlets such as Bloomberg.