Lab Design & Facilitation

They say “too many cooks, spoil the broth” – but we disagree! When organisations do not define the specific role and expected output for each party involved from the start of the project, it eventually becomes a problem. A consultative approach to co-create solutions is the secret sauce to our Lab facilitation method, in which buy-in and alignment by all stakeholders is achieved throughout the process.

Each Lab session is designed to develop in depth plans based on the strategic direction set by the leaders. It will divide the participants into workstreams to problem solve inherent and long-standing issues; and set specific action points and KPIs to achieve the agreed “True North”.

What it takes for a successful Lab

  • Appointment of full-time lab members by leadership and decision makers
  • Lab members with relevant knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve the agreed True North
  • Availability of latest data and information to formulate solutions
  • Frequent validation sessions with leadership to ensure alignment and buy-in

Expected outcome
and output

  • Pragmatic and implementable solutions (Making the Most approach)
  • Detailed analysis and justification to support solutions and recommendations
  • Detailed “3-feet” implementation plans
  • KPIs and KPI dictionaries
  • Budget and resource requirements

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