Forced Labour: Issues & Mitigation Conference

Unethical labour practices are a risk to business viability. Consumers and governments across the world are demanding higher standards of labour protection, punishing companies who are suspected of bad labour practices. Recently, a Malaysian glove company faced an import ban by the US on allegations of labour law violation.

In light of this issue, PEMANDU Associates, in collaboration with its strategic partner Bluenumber, organised the Forced Labour: Issues & Mitigation conference to enhance the appreciation of labour protection issues in Malaysia. The event featured industry experts sharing their insights on labour protection implications for businesses, the global best practices and possible data-centric solutions for workers’ rights.

The conference, held on 14 November 2019  at Sunway Putra Hotel, was attended by corporate representatives from various industries as well as non-profits with a common interest in improving labour practices in the country.

To find out more on how the Bluenumber Digital ID can assist your organisation to effectively monitor labour protection, contact us at [email protected].

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