Our award-winning recovery index on COVID-19

  • We are the proud creators of the World Health Organisation-endorsed and award-winning Global COVID-19 Index (GCI), a comprehensive and daily-updated index which tracks the progress of recovery of 184 countries around the world in their respective battles against COVID-19.
  • The GCI is the recipient of the coveted Chairman’s Award at the 2020 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards.
  • The GCI is a showcase of PEMANDU Associates’ ability to identify key performance metrics that matter to policymakers and business leaders.
  • The GCI includes travel advisory updates courtesy of IATA and forecasting tools to help business leaders monitor the progress of various countries in their recovery from COVID-19.
  • The GCI has also led to the rapid development of a freely available 112-page Global Pathfinder Report on Health Intervention Best Practices. The report has been featured on major media outlets such as Bloomberg.