Learning Academy Masterclass – High Impact Delivery for Effective Decision Making

Time is money.

More often than not, the success of an organisation depends on the effectiveness and quality of decisions made by its leadership. Therefore, it is important that one has the accurate, concise information and value-added thinking on potential solutions that are required to make the big decisions!

PEMANDU Associates Learning Academy recently held a one-day workshop titled High Impact Delivery for Effective Decision Making where 30 participants from 14 companies across 5 industries had an opportunity to learn and apply best practices to craft compelling presentations. And while they were at it, participants were also privy to a talk on building a results-oriented strategic communication programme, presented by Alex Iskandar Liew, one of our Executive Vice Presidents & Partners as well as Managing Director of COMMUNICATE by PEMANDU.

This workshop covered:

Module 1: Critical Thinking to Solve Problems
How using the right tools for problem-solving can help you critically evaluate information and address real organisational issues.

Module 2: Getting the Storyline Right
Why structuring the right storyline ensures credibility and helps you deliver impact to capture the attention of decision-makers.

Module 3: Presenting What’s Needed to Get the Decisions You Want
How a clear, concise structure can help to bring the work to life through visual presentation. This session includes a “Gallery Walk” where participants will showcase what they’ve done during the workshop.


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