Maharashtra turns to Malaysian scheme to reduce infant deaths

Mumbai: The Maharashtra cabinet has approved the planning department’s proposal to adopt Malaysian government Performance, Management & Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) devised Big Fast Result (BFR) methodology for special performance in select areas of school education and sports, public health, water supply and sanitation departments.

Dr Deepak Sawant, Minister for Public Health said that PEMANDU’s BFR will help in reducing Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) to single digit. The government will allocate Rs 26 crore per year for the implementation of the program in the state.

The Centre’s Niti Ayog had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with PEMANDU to implement the methodology in the country. As per the proposal approved by the state cabinet, the methodology will be used to improve the academic performance of students in primary and secondary medium in school education and sports department, reducing IMR in tribal areas of the state to single digit in public health department and reviving shut down rural water supply schemes under the water supply and sanitation department.

A ministerial committee headed by Minister for Planning will be set up for its implementation and coordination. Another committee headed by Principal Secretary, Planning and secretaries of concerned departments will allocate funds after approval from the state cabinet to the 11 week programs rolled out through the Lab Process based on the outcomes fixed.

Dr Sawant said, “PEMANDU has implemented programs in reducing IMR in African countries like Tanzania. At present the current IMR in Maharashtra is 21 percent.” He added, “The Lab Process of the PEMANDU involves two stages of Lab 1 and Lab 2. In Lab 1 the issues are identified and in Lab 2 best solutions available at hand are devised and put for implementation.” Dr Sawant added that PEMANDU is known for devising the highly successful governments flagship water conservation programme – Jalyukta Shivar— under which measures like digging trenches, widening culverts and water harvesting techniques aimed at increasing ground water tables in the state.


Source: The Free Press Journal

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