Business Turnaround
anchored on segmented profits and loss analysis (SP&L)

Here’s the hard truth: A business may have achieved record-breaking sales, yet it may be no more profitable than it was the year before.

Our expertise helps uncover the true business efficiency of an organisation through our segmented profit and loss analysis. This detailed approach dissects a company’s revenue levers and cost drivers to its lowest common denominator, allowing the formulation of new and targeted business initiatives to initiate an impactful business turnaround.

What it takes to successfully complete a SP&L Analysis

  • Mandate from the CEO and CFO to run the SP&L exercise; alignment with CFO on business and financial assumptions adopted as part of approach
  • Availability of financial data and business information
  • Clinic sessions with Business Units to understand respective revenue and cost drivers
  • Weekly review with management team to review SP&L analysis

Expected outcome
and output

  • SP&L analysis of organisation and by business units; identification of revenue levers and cost drivers at lowest common denominator
  • List of specific business initiatives with “3-feet” plans to address identified gaps across organisation
  • Financial projections and business impact of each specific initiative to ensure company turnaround

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