Strategic Advocacy & Activism

In today’s complex and interconnected world, strategic advocacy and activism play a pivotal role in influencing positive change. It serves as the compass guiding organisations through the intricate landscape of public opinion, policy, and social impact.

‘Winning Coalitions’ is an important aspect of driving effective change in both – governments and private corporations. We specialise in crafting strategic narratives that help advocate the case for change and its impact on key stakeholders as part of a holistic transformative journey.

What it takes to successfully influence positive change

  • Clarity in its mission and core objectives
  • A clear and compelling case for change to drive awareness and manage perception
  • Strong and visible support from leadership and key stakeholders to convey the importance of change
  • Allocation of resources to initiate and maintain communication efforts and activities

Expected outcome
and output

  • Positive policy, legal, and regulatory changes
  • Maximised exposure of topic or organisation with enhanced legitimacy and credibility
  • Consistent narrative by Key Opinion Leaders to drive awareness
  • Holistic and sustained communication strategy and tactics

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